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I utilize an integrative approach to therapy, which means that my approach is tailored to each client and the problems they present.

The therapy process then unfolds sometimes with the client and sometimes with me leading the way. The particular treatment approach is thus mutually constructed based on the particular problems that are presented, as well as the treatment goals the client wishes to accomplish.



The complicating factor however is that similar problems in different people may require very different approaches or solutions on the part of the therapist.  For example, two people suffering from acute anxiety may vary drastically in the amount of support, validation or structure that they may need from the therapist. In fact, what is helpful for one client may be deleterious for another.  I tailor my approach with appropriate model of treatment or intervention that fits not the problem but the client.

My approach is generally psychodynamic, which focuses on each client’s unprocessed, unconscious thoughts and emotions to provide insight, self knowledge and symptom relief. While I generally employ a psychodynamic lens with clients, I strongly believe in psychotherapy integration and therefore employ a variety of treatment techniques in the actual therapy process.  I often turn to experiential work, as well as Cognitive-Behavioral, and relational techniques when I feel such interventions can advance the therapy process. In the end, all the different therapy techniques are just tools to opening up areas of experience previously veiled by the variety of defenses people use everyday.


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