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Parent Education

I have assisted parents in resolving power struggles, arguments and problem behaviors.  I help parents to identify when discussions derail and power struggles ensue.  Through providing parents with tools in setting limits, creating clear and reasonable boundaries and expectations, families are able to restore or achieve meaningful and satisfying relationships.  Some of the areas that parents find helpful include:

  • Developmentally attuning parental expectations for children/adolescents

  • Addressing limit setting

  • Creating ways to deal with children who have difficulty talking

  • Maintaining family connections with an adolescent

  • Finding tools to deal with one’s own frustration and anger

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Child & Adolescent Therapy

My work with children and adolescents focuses on helping to restore healthy relationships and improving the child’s quality of life.  I am well versed in helping children and adolescents who are having problems in school, at home or with friends through various therapeutic modalitles.  Play therapy, art therapy and talk therapy are some of the techniques and approaches that I employ in helping children to express their frustrations, anger, difficulties and anxieties.  Children who have difficulty with expressive language are often times very successful using these alternative techniques, and are able to work through the problems that they have presented with when entering therapy.   Some signs that a child is in need of emotional support include:

  • Decline in grades

  • Disruptive behaviors at home or school

  • Acting out behaviors such as hitting or fighting

  • Isolating

  • Feelings of hopelessness and despair

  • Change in eating or sleeping habits

  • Anxiousness and/or fidgety behavior

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Individual Therapy for Adults

Individual therapy is geared toward achieving more satisfaction and meaning from one's life and one's choices.  Psychotherapy allows individuals to better understand their emotional and interpersonal life, improving their quality of life.    I provide support and practical feedback to help clients resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. With sensitivity and compassion, I help clients find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues.

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